Stop feeling overwhelmed by the latest health + beauty fads.
Let’s do what works to lose weight, have more energy and look naturally radiant.

Every week it seems like there’s another conflicting report: saturated fat, good or evil?  Is coffee good for preventing Alzheimers, or is it a harmful addiction?  Am I drinking too much water, or not enough?

When you’ve got a busy life, it seems like a full-time job to keep up with the latest research – nevermind trying to prepare healthy meals and actually have time to see your friends or your partner!

If you listen to media and advertising – old age is coming to get us, and we need to fight back – to win the war against aging with new (and expensive!) products, diets and supplements.  That one you bought last year just isn’t good enough anymore.  The cycle continues.

Honestly, it’s exhausting.  And it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can have more energy, a healthy weight, and glowing skin – through delicious whole foods and a natural approach to living.  Your cravings will stop.  You’ll lose weight easily (or maintain a healthy weight).  You’ll notice your skin getting that certain glow coming from within.  And you’ll feel better – inside and out – some of my clients say it’s feeling like themselves again.

I’m a certified holistic health coach, and I help women around the world look + feel more naturally radiant.  Through my signature Natural Radiance Coaching Program, we work together over 3 months to make small changes to your diet and lifestyle that add up to big results.

Some of the results my clients have experienced include:

  • easy weightloss while never feeling hungry
  • smoother, more glowing skin
  • increased energy levels, all day long
  • feeling calmer + more resilient to stress
  • flatter stomach from less bloat and better digestion
  • feeling confident about what to eat, drink + do for optimal health

If you’d like to join my coaching program – the first step is to apply to work with me.  We’ll have a complementary 30-minute Strategy Session to get to know each other, and see if my program is the right fit for you.  Click here to apply now, or keep reading to learn more about my programs.

Health + Wellness Professionals – do you need help with your blog, website and marketing?  Yep, I do that too

coachingThis is my signature, 3-month individual health coaching program that gets major results.  

During this 3 month individual program, we’ll focus on reaching + maintaining a healthy weight, boosting your energy levelscreating a natural beauty routine that really works, and nourishing your body inside and out with delicious whole foods and rejuvenating self-care practices.

The Natural Radiance Program includes…

  • 6, 1-hour individual coaching sessions over 3 months via skype/telephone where we focus on your areas of biggest concern
  • Handouts, recipes and resources based on your program, so you know exactly what to do between sessions
  • Welcome box of hand-picked healthy products to complement your program
  • Complementary access to any online group programs I run during your package

 Investment: £599 (that’s approximately $980 USD)

Currently full – please contact me to be added to the wait list for 2015


If you’re serious about looking + feeling more naturally radiant – now – this VIP day will accelerate your results.

We’ll spend the day together in London (or virtually) to review the key areas impacting your natural radiance: your food, your beauty routine + your lifestyle.  We’ll identify where you’re stuck, and create strategies together to get the results that you want.  This VIP day is customized based on your needs – but will often include intensive coaching sessions, a health food store tour, a delicious healthy lunch at one of my favorite spots and a relaxing, luxury spa treatment.  Can’t get to London?  I may be able to travel to you at an additional charge.

Investment: £999 (that’s approximately $1,600 USD)

Currently full – please contact me to be added to the wait list for 2015