Home remedies that really work

Start your handmade apothecary


How would it feel to know exactly what to eat, drink and do to keep yourself healthy?

What if you were able to fix your everyday health problems (like treating a cold or headache) at home, using ingredients you have on hand?

Great-grandma didn’t go running to the drug store to buy pills for every little ache and pain.  Instead, she knew a bunch of useful tips, tricks and recipes to keep herself and her family healthy.  What happened to all of that useful information?  We seem to have forgotten it in favor of store-bought quick fixes.

So let’s change that right now – join me to re-discover some of these simple, safe & useful natural health remedies!

Simple, natural solutions for vibrant health

First, let’s clear something up.   I’m not suggesting that we all become crazy hippies, shunning modern medicine and hugging trees for healing.  I love doctors and modern medicine.  Your doctor is and should be an important part of your healthcare team.

What I’m talking about is being an active participant in your health.   How we choose to eat and live have a direct impact on how we look and feel – and how healthy we are.

So rather than hiding the symptoms of a cold under pills and potions, and carrying on with our stressful lives – let’s use our aches and pains as a message from our body that something is out of balance.  Maybe we need to slow down and step away from the computer for a few hours.  Maybe we need to stop spending all day at a job we hate.  Maybe we just need to give ourselves some nourishing food, a bit of fresh air, and some downtime so we can heal.

To get you started, here are some of my most popular home remedies & natural health articles:

IMG_8691If you want vibrant health year-round, start with this strong foundation

“Let food be thy medicine” said Hippocrates, and boy, was he onto something.  No remedy is going to cure what ails you, unless you give your body the right environment to help and heal itself.  And that starts with the food you eat.

Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut?

I know! Amazing, right? So if you want to keep your defenses up to fend off germs, your digestive system is a great place to start. Here I’ll share with you my super inexpensive, homemade probiotic supplement – great-grandma would approve.


onion cough syrupOnion cough syrup
2 ingredients that you already have in your kitchen, 3 minutes of preparation – et voila!a classic cough syrup that works for adults and kids.


My own limes in honeyVietnamese Lime & Honey Syrup for coughs, colds and general immune boosting power!

I learned this one on a recent trip to Vietnam, and absolutely love it because it’s tasty and like a burst of sunshine in the dark winter months.  No need to save it for when you’re sick.  Put a spoonful of this into your tea or in hot water everyday for its immune boosting properties.  Yum.
thyme, lemon and honey infusionThyme, lemon & honey infusion when you’re feeling run-down and need a lift!

Super versatile recipe.  Swap ginger for the thyme to really warm you up.  Add peppermint for headaches.  Or simply use honey and lemon for a tasty and traditional hot drink.


daisy salveAnd a project for the weekend – Daisy Salve for Bumps & Bruises

A slightly longer project that includes some (easy) foraging.  Daisies are related to Arnica, which is traditionally used for bruises.  In this simple daisy salve, we use wild daisies since they’re free and abundant (at least in England!)  Makes a really cool gift when packaged in pretty, portable tins.  See Part 1 and Part 2 here.


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