Be Naturally Radiant



You know it deep down inside: anti-aging products don’t work.

But still we hold out hope.  Spending tons of money on the next miracle product – and then feeling the disappointment when it doesn’t work – again.

Here’s the funny thing: most of us don’t want to be younger.  As we age, we become more confident, more quirky, more truly ourselves.  And we wouldn’t want to go back to our insecure 20s (I wouldn’t.)  But … we still want to look and feel amazing.

That’s what I believe that we should forget ‘anti-aging’, and instead focus on natural radiance.  Looking and feeling great, at all stages of our lives.  Clear, glowing skin.  Sparkling eyes.  Shiny hair.  Feeling flexible and strong and… vibrant.

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This is the post that started it all.  Anti-aging products don’t work – here’s why + what we can do instead!




naturallydarkhairrinseI’m going gray.  And a recipe for naturally dark hair rinse.





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