You want to look + feel naturally radiant … inside and out!

  • You want to have more energy and less stress.
  • You want natural beauty products that actually work (and don’t include nasty chemicals)
  • You’d love to use simple, safe health remedies for yourself and your family… if they don’t take too much time or specialty ingredients.
  • You’re tired of all the negative anti-aging advertising, and just want to look your best at every age!

If that sounds like you – you’re going to love it here!

It is possible to look + feel naturally radiant through whole foods, herbal remedies and natural beauty products – without moving to an organic farm or abandoning your creature comforts.

I know this, because I’ve done it.  I’ve helped thousands of women around the world create a more natural, balanced, healthy lifestyle for themselves + their families.  And you can do it too.  You just need to know the steps.

I’m a Certified Health Coach, herbalist and beauty product junkie.  I love travel, real food, traditional remedies, cooking, photography and making things with my hands.  I’m American, and followed my dream of moving to Paris 9 years ago.  I remember being amazed at the pharmacie to find that herbal remedies and essential oils were recommended alongside standard pharmaceuticals.  That rekindled a childhood interest in making products, and I started to get serious about studying herbalism, nutrition and health coaching.  Eventually, I met a charming English guy (oh, that accent!), and moved to London, where I now work with women around the world through my online programs, in-person and online workshops and retreats at amazing locations worldwide.

I know from personal experience that our bodies can heal themselves, if we give them the right environment.  I had severely low thyroid (to the point where I was chronically cold and my hair started falling out!), and was able to bring it back into a normal range without medication through changes to my diet + lifestyle.  

I’ve also struggled with stress and anxiety my entire life.  I’m a corporate escapee with over 12 years experience in the software industry.  I know how crazy it is working at an intense job, and wishing you just had more time.  Time to cook a proper meal, time to see your friends, time to actually make the projects you tear out of magazines … just time and space to feel like yourself again!

Great-grandma was right: we are what we eat.
  Simple changes to your food, lifestyle and beauty routine can deliver big results to how you look AND how you feel.  


Making beauty products is just like cooking (or even easier!)  Herbal remedies can be as simple as enjoying a daily cup of herbal tea.  Food needs to taste good.  And making time for creativity, play and exploration is essential to leading a healthy life.

Here at VintageAmanda.com, I share ideas, projects and recipes that work.  As much as possible I create simple projects that don’t require a ton of time or specialty ingredients.  And, of course, projects that won’t make you look (or smell) like a crunchy hippie!

Amanda Cook – Bio

VINTAGE_AMANDA_442_300Amanda Cook is an award-winning certified holistic health coach specializing in natural health and beauty.  She teaches women how to look and feel naturally radiant through whole foods, natural beauty and herbal remedies.

Amanda’s advice has appeared in The Huffington Post UK, MindBodyGreen, TinyBuddha and Bliss.com.

Amanda teaches online natural health + beauty courses and runs live workshops + retreats worldwide.


Amanda also teaches health + wellness entrepreneurs how to grow a healthy business online and hosts a weekly online marketing podcast for wellness entrepreneurs.

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