One Pair of Shoes with Two Heels? Is This the Ultimate Travel Shoe?


As a location independent entrepreneur I’m always on the move and looking for ways to bring as little as possible in my luggage.

One of my major pain points for travel was choosing which shoes to bring!

I need a comfortable pair for walking, and a nice pair for going out at night, and usually a flip flop or something for the beach.  But which shoe to bring for evenings out? I always ended up with flats.  It just seemed too inconvenient to wear heels in case we’d be walking a lot in the evenings.  But then some nights we’d go out to a nice restaurant or bar and I would be wishing I had heels.  But it always seemed excessive to bring a pair of heels along just to wear once or twice on the trip.

So I stuck with flats.  Until now.

Recently I came across this company who makes high quality shoes with – get this – interchangeable heels!

That means you can carry one pair of shoes, but have two different heel heights – flats and heels all in one!

Honestly I was super skeptical but also very curious.  I mean, if these shoes actually work like promised, it would solve all of my travel shoe stress!  (Yes, it can be stressful packing such few pairs of shoes to go with all of your clothes and activities for a trip!  Frequent travelers will know what I’m talking about.)

As a full disclosure, I was provided these shoes free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  So I’ve tried them myself, swapped out the heels, worn them, travelled with them, and these are my honest thoughts on the product.  I’ll keep this post updated as I wear the shoes more.  You can check out these shoes yourself at Mime et Moi.

Mime et Moi Shoe Review

What are Mime et Moi Shoes?

Mime et Moi are a German company who make innovative, luxury shoes with an interchangeable heel.  There are 3 heel heights to choose from.  Each pair comes with a flat block heel, plus you can choose an additional pair of heels either 7cm or 10cm in block or stiletto style.

Mime et Moi Shoes with Interchangeable Heel

Mime et Moi Shoes with Interchangeable Heel

These are truly a luxury shoe.  They feel well balanced and stable, with high quality materials and a soft suede insole.  The packaging is also gorgeous (which doesn’t affect the shoe, I know, but makes the whole experience better!)  Your shoes are also shipped with two satin storage bags, one for the shoes and one for the extra set of heels.

How Does the Interchangeable Heel Work?

If I’m honest I was nervous I was going to break the shoes the first time I changed the heel.  But after contacting the company they assured me that was not possible, and sent along a helpful instruction video in English.  Whew.

There’s a lever at the bottom of the shoe that you flip to release and remove the current heel.  Then push the lever closed again.  Now slide on the new heel, put the shoe on your foot and step down firmly.  You’ll hear a click and the new heel is attached.

What was amazing to me is how the footbed of the shoe adjusts from flat to heel.  I was skeptical this would work, but it does.  I have the 10 cm block heel and when it attached it feels just as stable as a regular pair of heels.

Here is the video on how to change the heel in English (there are two versions, for when the shoe is on and off your foot):

How Do These Shoes Travel?

Travel is where these shoes really shine.  I love the travel bags for the shoes and the heels, and simply carrying an extra pair of heels saves a lot of room over carrying a separate pair of high-heeled shoes!  Plus if you attach the ‘flat’ heel before putting in your suitcase, they pack very flat beside each other, taking up even less room than if you had the heels attached.

Since these shoes are all sandals, they’re best for warmer climates or when you’re going to be wearing sandals!  Otherwise you might wear the sandal in the evening but not make the most out of the flat shoe.

I have the black suede shoes and because of the nature of suede, they do pick up dust – so I’ve learned it’s best to store them in the satin travel bag.

Also, the strap across the toes is quite thin, so this may or may not work for your foot.  The strap cuts on me just before the widest part of my foot, which depending on the shape of your foot could emphasize a bunion or large toe bone.  Again, this will completely depend on your individual foot shape.

I do find these shoes really comfortable though.  The ankle strap is well fitted and comfortable, and no cutting into my skin from either the toe or the ankle strap.  So far I’m really happy with these shoes and feel confident to pack them in my suitcase as my only evening shoes.

Who Should Buy the Mime et Moi Shoe?

These shoes are great for the frequent traveller to cities and in warmer climates (or during the warmer months!)  Because they’re luxury shoes, I wouldn’t wear them wandering around dusty roads and villages – the flat sandals could certainly stand up to it, but I wouldn’t want to damage the look of the shoe when I wanted to wear them out at night!  So this shoe would be perfect for city breaks, business trips, girls weekends, or any other time when you’re going to want a chic day sandal, and then heels to wear out in the evening!

I only wish these shoes had existed when I used to do lots of business travel for work in my corporate job!  Sandals wouldn’t have worked in the office, but for evenings, dinners out and other events they would have been perfect!

For the non-traveller, I’d recommend these shoes if you want a high quality luxury shoe – with a variety of looks.  You can treat yourself to one pair and get two or more pairs of shoes out of it.  I noticed on their website that there are heels with different colors and patterns, so theoretically you could buy a couple pairs of shoes and a few heels, and easily have an entire shoe wardrobe!

But for those of us who are frequent travelers, I think a pair in a neutral color (I chose black) with two heel heights works amazingly well to save space and give you some stylish shoe options on your trip.

Where To Buy Mime et Moi Shoes

You can order Mime et Moi shoes directly from their website.  At the moment, shipping is only available within the European Union.  Their website is in German, but my web browser (Google Chrome) automatically translated it for me.  And they do have instructions and videos in English if you ask!

Mime et Moi Shoes: The Verdict

I really love these shoes and they’ll be a regular addition to my suitcase during any city breaks.  I’m not going to save them only for travel though.  These sandals are comfortable enough to wear in my daily life, and they’ll become part of my regular rotation of evening heels.  If you travel to cities and you like to wear heels sometimes (but not often enough to justify packing separate pairs of heels), I highly recommend getting a pair of these shoes.  If you predominately travel to rural or rugged areas, if you’re traveling in the winter (when you couldn’t use the flat sandal heel) or if you don’t feel the need to wear heels, then these aren’t the best travel shoe for you.  But if you’re like me, and have ever thought “I wish I had a pair of heels to wear tonight!” but didn’t have space in your suitcase for them – these shoes could just be the solution!

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