Readers’ winter skincare secrets


One of my favorite aspects of running this community is the connection with other natural health & beauty fanatics around the world.

The comments sections on many posts have turned into lively discussions about making body creams, using honey in your beauty routine, eating excessive kale, traditional cough and cold remedies and the oil cleansing method!  I love that it’s not just me sharing what I’ve learned and what I do – but that you all share your own remedies, tips and insights – from wherever you are in the world!

So this week I wanted to do something different.

It’s winter here (at least in the northern hemisphere) and I’ve been getting lots of comments and emails about winter skincare.  How to keep your skin soft and non-flaky?  How to moisturize?   How to exfoliate – gently – in the winter?  How to adjust your skincare routine for the colder months?

So I wanted to open it up to you – please leave a comment below and share your winter skincare routine, and your top tips for glowing, soft skin in the cold months!

17 Responses to Readers’ winter skincare secrets

  1. Jennifer says:

    For my face, washing with a mixture of castile soap and honey, and moisturising with jojoba oil, is my new favourite! I tried OCM but found it too hard to get the oiliness/dryness at the right level, so having acne-prone skin I opted to resort to the castile soap and honey, which is more like a normal foaming face wash but much more natural and less drying. Jojoba oil works great as a moisturiser for me, day and night.

    My eczema on my hands has completely gone away this winter, for the first time. I think this is because 1) I switched all the soap in the house from hand soap pumps to vegetable-based unscented bar soap, and 2) I always make sure to wear gloves when doing any washing up or serious cleaning. I use a homemade moisturising cream of oils and aloe, as well, but just once or twice a day. My hands have been fine even without slathering them with moisturiser constantly.

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I love your mission and your help. I’m going to watch the 6 pillars tutorial when I get to a place with headphones, but I will not purchase anything. I don’t usually pay attention to e-mails I get, but I like what you do and I’m an econ major – (still a student, why I won’t pay). Thanks for what you do, if I see a place to help you get commission I will state that you linked me.

    I’ve been lucky to be blessed with great skin, so drying out isn’t usually a problem for me. When I dry out I either put coconut oil or jojoba oil directly on my face and coconut oil directly on the rest of my body – depends on what I have on hand, (I always have a jar of coconut oil, it’s really cheap!). If you have a better oil for this I’d be happy to know, but I’ve been happy with these. I don’t really break out either. Like I said, I’m really lucky.

    Thanks again!


  3. Angel says:

    Hi Amanda
    I found you via a tweet by OombawkaDesign and I love your blog. I’m following you via FB, Pinterest and Twitter. I’m looking forward to getting to know your beautiful blog. I hope you will visit me too. I’d love to invite you to come add your link at my Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party if you have time.
    All my best

  4. Aneleri says:

    Hi Amanda, it becomes a balm – I can never seem to whip it enough for a cream. I infuse the elderflowers in oil – and freeze fresh ones (taken off the stem) so I can make this all winter – and cordial should I happen to run out. I’m a BIG believer in the humble Elder!

  5. Sharon says:

    I use Organic Coconut Oil for almost everything. Especially in the winter months. I use it as a mask on my hair as well as on my my skin and feet.
    I also cook with it. You can use it for anything and it is so good for you both inside and out!

  6. Diane Rencher says:

    I have used Bag Balm on my dry areas of my face and throat for about 40 years now! I only use it at bed time. I have always had pretty dry skin, so this works great for me. I plan to try using a natural honey that I bought from Amazon, and mixing it with avocado oil to create a mask. I have been a skin care consultant for many years, and have retired, so trying out products I can make myself. Looking forward to my new adventure! I also need to try something for my skin in the day time for moisture. I still need something fairly heavy duty, but not as heavy duty as BaG Balm. 🙂

  7. Mary Paoli says:

    I like to do weekly face masques. Lately my favorite is fresh avocado whipped with a little bit of fresh lemon juice (I use an electric mixer or even just a fork to whip.) I also like plain yogurt mixed with a few drops of lavender or geranium.

  8. Aneleri says:

    I make my own moisturiser and have done for years. I used to use vaseline, but now use jojoba oil, elderflowers, a little rosehip serum and beeswax. If I miss using it a couple of days I break out and start flaking. It is also really good for eczema (mine at least)

    • Amanda says:

      That sounds like a great recipe – do you make it into a cream or balm? (Is it elderflower tea or just elderflowers infused in the oil?)

  9. Running a humidifier has made all the difference for me. This year I started making my own soap with lots of nourishing oils and the difference is amazing.

    • Amanda says:

      Such a good point about the humidifier. Of course we don’t need that here in London with all the rain, but if you live in a drier climate it’s hugely helpful 🙂

  10. Barbara says:

    I was using DHC’s olive oil cleanser and was close to running out and decided to make the oil cleansing cream on your website. I love it! Easy to take on a trip and my skin feels so smooth after using it, and I have pretty dry skin. I found I had to whip it to make it stay incorporated. Not sure if I did something wrong in the mixing.

    Also I made the coconut oil, arrowroot deodorant and I love it. It works really well and no nasty aluminum or other preservatives.

    Thanks for your great website!