Top 10 natural health & beauty projects of 2013

top 10 projects of 2013

Blogging is a balance of writing new, interesting articles and recipes … and trying to get more people to see the stuff you’ve already written!

After all, just because I created my DIY Deodorant recipe months ago, doesn’t mean it’s any less effective, or useful, to a new reader today.

So as we approach the last days of 2013, I think it’s the perfect time to share the top 10 most popular posts on VintageAmanda for 2013.

I also include my personal favorite post of 2013 which got the most animated discussion going in the comments, if not the most page views.

Check out the list below, the let me know which was your favorite project this year!

VintageAmanda’s top 10 natural health and beauty projects of 2013

Ranked by increasing order of page views…

hot cloth cleanser

10. Hot Cloth Cleanser (or the portable oil cleansing method)


9. 3 home remedies for better sleep – tested!


8. Stress relief body cream

kale thyroid connection

7. The kale-thyroid connection

Soften hard honey in the microwave

6. How to Soften Honey: Vintage vs. Modern

onion cough syrup

5. Onion Cough Syrup


4. Can you overdose on kale?


3. Make Customized Face & Body Cream

homemade coconut lime deodorant

2.  DIY Coconut Lime Deodorant


1.  The Kitchen Secret for Great Skin

And as an extra bonus, here is my personal favorite post for the year …


Amanda’s pick: Anti-Aging products don’t work.

What was your favorite natural health & beauty project of 2013?  Let us know in the comments!

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