Is inner skincare the missing link?


Every woman is searching for the ultimate anti-wrinkle cream.

(I know this, because the TV ads and magazines say so!)

So … have you found it?

That one magic potion that makes your skin smooth and glowing, every day?

No?  Neither have I.

In fact, as I’ve written about before,  anti-aging products can’t deliver the results.

But before you despair and resign yourself to a life of heavy foundation, let’s expand our view beyond cosmetics.

When you apply cosmetics to your skin, they do get absorbed into your body (that’s why it’s so important to choose natural products!) … but they’re being absorbed into the skin that’s already there.

The missing link we often forget is that we can influence the new skin being created.  We can improve our skin, organically, from the inside – out!

How?  Through the choices we make three times a day, everyday.  It’s all about the food, baby.

What’s inner skincare?

Inner skincare is the idea that we can care for our skin through eating cleansing and nourishing foods, and drinking pure water and beauty-boosting herbal teas.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body – and it’s an organ of elimination.

Our bodies are constantly cleansing and detoxifying themselves.  Any byproducts or toxins produced by our cells are excreted through one of our elimination organs.  This starts in the liver and then either ends up in the toilet, sweated out through your skin – or, if it has nowhere else to go, as some kind of skin freakout (pimples, blackheads etc.).

By keeping our bodies nourished with whole foods, and hydrated with clean water and herbal teas, we support the natural processes of detoxification and elimination.  That means the elimination pathways are working efficiently, which puts less pressure on eliminating through our skin!

Inner skincare isn’t just helpful for acne.  In fact, you can moisturize dry skin from the inside out, and even plump up your skin by keeping hydrated.

AND when you nourish your body, you will feel better.  You’ll have more energy and sleep better … and when you’ve had a good night’s sleep and are feeling good, you look better.

So should you throw away your beauty products?


Inner skincare is the missing piece of the equation for many women struggling with skin problems.  But that doesn’t mean you should ditch the beauty products.

Au contraire.

Beauty products are really useful – and fun!  We just need to shift our thinking from ‘hope in a jar’ to taking a proactive approach of nourishing our bodies from the inside FIRST … and then using the beauty products to buff & polish the outside.

A regular routine of cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating will improve the look of your skin, is relaxing, feels good, and gives you much needed ‘me’ time for self-care.

But the most thorough beauty routine in the world doesn’t excuse you from eating your greens.


Have you noticed that your skin is affected by your diet?  What changes have you made to nourish your skin – from the inside out?  Let us know in the comments!

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One Response to Is inner skincare the missing link?

  1. I love the purity and goodness of my Pangea Organics skin care line which is why I became a Beauty Ecologist with them ! I also eat well and get plenty of exercise ! Living simply and in alignment with nature is best !

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