3 Natural Living Insights from Trill Farm

Natural Living Course at Trill Farm - Spring 2013

While sipping on a herb infused cocktail (made from ingredients foraged within steps of where I was sitting), I had a flash of insight:

Living well doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

In fact, the most simple creations with fresh foods and herbs (whether for eating, drinking, health or beauty) are often the best.

Since I’m in the business of natural health and beauty, I often hear that all this natural living stuff is great for people living the Good Life in the countryside – but that it’s not possible for busy urbanites.  

To that I say, au contraire.  

As you know I live in a small flat in London without a garden, and I’m telling you, it IS possible.  And my recent workshop experience has given me even more ideas and inspiration for making any lifestyle more natural and sustainable.

For the past 5 days, I’ve been at Trill Farm in Devon for their seasonal Natural Living course.  I had the opportunity to teach a full day Natural Beauty workshop, and participate in the entire course – from living foods, to foraging, to hedgerow medicine and mindfulness.  It was a relaxing, inspiring and nourishing weekend.

Yes there is gorgeous countryside, delicious organic food, and so much fresh air and space (essential for this city-dweller) … but more than that, this course was inspiring and insightful.

So today I wanted to share 3 natural living insights that anyone can use to bring more natural health, balance and creativity into their life.

3 Natural Living Insights from Trill Farm

 1.  It’s all interconnected.

Trill Farm Spring 2013So many people are obsessed with weight loss, and that’s kind of missing the point.  Yes, being at a healthy weight is important.  But being healthy is about so much more than the number on the scale.

Your health encompasses everything.  It’s your life.  It’s your food, your activity, your creativity, your emotional state, your relationships, your career, your beauty routine… everything.  And it’s all interconnected.

You can eat all the broccoli you want, but if you’re in a bad relationship and hate your job – are you truly healthy?

This weekend at Trill, we learned about health through living foods, using food and plants for health, developing a mindfulness practice, enjoying time with friends, and creating natural cosmetics.  (Yep, pretty much everything we talk about here on Vintage Amanda!)

Action Step:  What areas of your life are in good health?  Which are out of balance?  What small step could you take today to bring yourself back into balance?


2.  Good health is simple.

Teaching my natural beauty product workshop!

Teaching my natural beauty product workshop! (I’m wearing purple)

Yes, it’s fun to learn about the latest health trends, supplements and newest kitchen gadgets “guaranteed to instantly and easily prepare healthy food at the touch of a button!!! Buy now!”

But good health is much more simple than that.

You can get healthy through eating simple, fresh whole foods.  Drinking clean water.  Sleeping enough.  Giving yourself space for creativity and learning.  Spending time with friends and family.  Getting out in nature and moving your body.  That’s pretty much it.  Simple.

Throughout the workshops at Trill, we used the same simple preparations again and again.

The fresh herbal infusions that we drink can also be used as a face toner or hair rinse.

The infused herbal and fruit liqueurs (without the sugar), and really tinctures used as herbal medicine.

Herbs and flowers macerated in oil can be used in cooking … or in our beauty products!

You don’t need a lot of fancy supplies or exotic ingredients.  Just learn a few basic preparations, and get creative with them.

Action Step:  How can you go back to basics this week?  Will you eat more whole foods? Drink more water? Or give yourself a free hour for creativity and exploration?


3.  Trust your body.

Trill Natural Living Spring 2013

Making fresh pasta for dinner.

If you’re new to natural health, this one might strike you as strange.  But trust me on this one.  Your body wants to be healthy.  You just need to give it the right building blocks, and it will heal itself.

Your body will also tell you what is working, and what you need to change.

At the beginning of my Natural Beauty Workshop, we did an essential oil smelling (like a wine tasting, but with our noses!).  Without knowing what the essential oil was, we all smelled the same one, and were able to figure out exactly what it was used for.  Amazing.  So we figured out that Black Pepper would be stimulating and warming, while Pine would be invigorating and cleansing and drying – simply based on our experience with it, no books required!  Maybe you had to be there, but it was really cool.

It shows me that by using our senses, and listening to our bodies, we can tell what’s right for us.  We can figure out which herbs and food to use.  We can help ourselves to heal and get healthy.

Action Step:  Notice how you feel after you eat today.  Everytime you eat or drink something, check in with your energy levels and just how your body feels after 1 hour and 3 hours.  Do you feel energetic? Tired? Bloated?   This will give you some insight into what foods are working for you and where you might want to make adjustments.


Unrelated cuteness - we got to cuddle baby lambs!

Unrelated cuteness – we got to cuddle little lambs!

Trill Farm is a 300 acre, working organic farm set in Devon (2.5 hours from London by direct train).   Their next course is a Discovery Weekend in May which includes canoeing, and the next seasonal Natural Living course is in September.  More details and bookings on their website: http://trillfarm.co.uk/


I’d love to hear from you: How do you incorporate Natural Living into your life?  Which action step above are you going to try this week?

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