Travel light: wisdom for autumn

I believe that if you are paying attention, you will get exactly what you need, at exactly the right time.

This was the wisdom from my recent cup of tea:  “Travel light.”

And I don’t think it meant about only taking one carry-on sized suitcase and coordinating clothes (although that is good advice too!)

This little gem felt perfectly right for the current transition into Autumn.    Seasonal transitions are a natural time to make small adjustments to how we live, so that our lifestyles are supporting us rather than overwhelming us!

To me, “Travel light” means:  how can we unburden our lives?  Reduce the clutter (mental and physical)?  Simplify?  Focus on what is important?


How can we travel through life with less stuff in our houses, and less stuff swirling in our heads?

For me, this means examining my time commitments: am I spending my valuable time on things that I enjoy, or just things I’ve always done?  It also means cleaning out my closets, and spending some time outdoors everyday to reconnect with nature (the best tool I know for putting things in perspective!)


What does “Travel light.” mean to you?  How can you put it into action in your own life this Autumn?

3 Responses to Travel light: wisdom for autumn

  1. Connie says:

    I have been working on this for a very long time and have found its let go n let God. Just enjoy the pure and simple things in life. So much in life n society has become unnecessarily complicated, hectic and expensive. Pure n simple is just fine in every area of life.
    God bless u all!

  2. Emily says:

    To me, it’s also speaking about mentality. Don’t carry your burdens and grudges with you. Every day is a new day!

  3. Steffie says:

    How very interesting. Right on the heels of a mud fight involving my extended family and years of secrecy and misdirection and outright lies and abuse, and my decision to not care anymore, comes this.

    Traveling light means NOT taking along companions who aren’t.

    Also slimming down my diaper bag.