Elderflower Martinis

Elderflower martini

Ok, I admit that martinis don’t really fall under ‘healthy living’ in the traditional sense.  But you know my philosophy is about balance and living well – healthy living in a complete, holistic, creative, “everything in moderation”, “get out and enjoy life” kind of way.  So the occasional martini features in my life … especially when it gives me an excuse to use my homemade elderflower cordial.

I’ll keep this short and sweet since I got many comments from readers who don’t live near elder trees, and can’t make the cordial themselves!  (You’ll have to plan a visit to England during May/June to make your own!)

You could use this same basic idea with any kind of cordial or fruit syrup though.  Get creative!

Zak is the official martini-maker in our house, so he gets credit for this recipe.  Thanks Zak, it’s delicious!

Elderflower Martini

Serves 1

3 oz Hendrick’s Gin (because it’s florally … but you can use any good gin that you like)

1/2 oz. dry vermouth

1/2 oz. elderflower cordial

2 cucumber slices


Chill the martini glass.  Pour the cordial in the bottom of the glass.  Put ice in a cocktail shaker.  Add the gin and vermouth, and shake for 45 seconds until the container is very cold.  Strain into the martini glass on top of the cordial.  Put 2 cucumber slices into the glass.  Enjoy!


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  1. EcoGrrl says:

    hmm – i’d like to try with vodka 🙂