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Do you have questions about whole foods, handmade beauty products, home remedies, natural health or how to spark your creativity?

Send them to me!

I’m starting a new regular blog post where I’ll answer reader questions.

So let me know your questions, and what you’d like to learn to make!  Leave your questions as a comment on this post, or send them to me via the  contact form.  Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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3 Responses to Q&A with Vintage Savoir Faire

  1. Wanita says:

    As this is spring, if you were to plant an herb garden so you would have medicinal herbs as well as cooking herbs on hand, What would be you list of MUST have plants?

  2. Lissa says:

    Here’s a question—have you seen any raw and/or sugar free desserts without a food processor or decent blender? (My roomie has a little baby blender that can handle turning oats into oat flour, but not frozen bananas.) I see a lot of fantastic-looking, refined sugar free recipes that start with “Super EASY!!!!” and end with three awesome ingredients…and a food processor.

    I have a few recipes tagged for after Easter, but I’d love to have some more; although it’s probably a good thing there aren’t tons of these types of recipes out there or I would end up blowing my food budget on nuts and dates!

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